The search for order and logic in Boychev’s creative art is driven by her belief in the interrelatedness of everything. She believes this process can be directed through attention, patience, and detail – attributes that have nowadays given way to time constraints and technological advancements. Boychev’s works stand out through their precision, geometrical form, and simplicity taking root in Zen philosophy.
    The decision to undertake photography came at 19 years of age, just after facing clinical death. Coinciding with application for the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw it deprived her of the opportunity to pursue studies in painting. As an alternative she chose the Wroclaw School of Photography – Pho-Bos. Still driven to learn further she undertook three other art studies in later years.
    Fascinated by the possibilities that photography provides, Boychev never went back to painting. For the coming years she took up a variety of photography commissions ranging from event, reportage, people, up to products. It was product photography that enabled her to realise that working one on one in absolute silence, could open up greater possibilities; permitting greater focus on shape, light and perspective. Product photography quickly turned into Creative Still Life, which brought Boychev to her current activities.
Eventually the 35 mm camera became insufficient to accomplish her ideas and she reached for the view camera, which is now her only tool in her artistic work.


Film School in Lodz
Department of Photography

Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw
Department of Graphics, Photography and Multimedia

Academy for Artistic Photography AFA
Department of Art and Photography

Wroclaw School of Photography PHO-BOS
Melbourne, Australia